To apply simply fill out your information here -
Once you have submitted your request it can take up to 24 hours for your account to be reviewed and approved. Once it's approved, you will receive your codes.
Commission is earned on any orders placed using your personalised discount code, or if somebody chooses to shop through your link. The commission from these orders is automatically added to your account.
Commission is paid at the start of every month. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayPal.
Yes of course. There is no requirement for you to just be promoting UPPED.
You will have access to the team UPPED dashboard on which you can see how many times your code has been used and how much commission has been generated. You can log into this at any time.
You are welcome to promote the brand as much as you can – there are no requirements on how often you need to be posting.
You will receive a personalised discount code for your followers to use for 10% off their order.
If you would like to change your code, please contact our team through the live chat feature found in the bottom right hand corner of this page. They will change it for you.